Hum remover


Hay, we all make mistakes right? The other day I shot an interview using a camera I hadn’t used before, with cheap headphones that were also new. The result? a low level hiss on the guests mic that I didn’t hear at the time and still can’t explain.

Even though I wasn’t editing the interview I was determined to fix my mistake. After extensive research and a visit to Dr Google I found the answer. If you have the same problem then try using the “AU filter” which you can find in the effects palette. Then input the settings below. Amazingly they do work for removing audio hiss in FCP 7.

I’m sure there are better ways using Soundtrack Pro or Adobe Auditions but if you are looking for a quick and dirty fix then give it a try.

Hum remover
Hum remover
  • mark

    Amazing! Thank you so much. Its 3:30am and this project needs to be done by tomorrow morning. don’t have time to run every clip through soundtrack pro so this is perfect.

  • davud nam

    nice one! spent ages fiddling with settings on this – cheers!

  • dkgonzo

    Works great – nice quick fix.

  • Meryl

    NEXTLVL!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)